Festival Overview

General Notes — Please read! 


Central Florida Theater Festival is for students in grades 6-12 from public, private, charter, and home schools in Central Florida. (We have very broad definition of what “Central Florida” means, so if you’re from a Florida school and would like to attend the Festival, contact us!) Teachers can register themselves & any current students they choose to bring; parents can sign up their home school students as independent participants as long as an adult chaperone is provided. There is no qualifying event—everyone can play!


Students will focus on theatrical creativity and collaboration; much of their work will be produced during the festival itself. Students will work with mentors instead of judges. There will be awards based on both audience choice and mentors’ choice for various activities. Scholarships to summer programs and other artistic development opportunities will be offered regardless of grade level. Local colleges may offer scholarship auditions on site for seniors.


The Festival includes non-juried Exhibition Events in which ALL STUDENTS from ALL SCHOOLS can participate; Scholarship Events limited to 3 high school seniors per school; and Performance Events limited to 1-3 entries per school depending on the event.



Online registration will be open March 10-28, 2022.


Saturday, April 23:

All Events at Penguin Point in Oviedo Mall



We will follow all Covid-19 safety precautions required by our community in April. Expect to wear a mask at all times. Students are likely to have the opportunity to unmask for socially-distanced solo performances. We will update everyone as the festival date approaches.


STUDENTS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT. For Public, Private, and Charter schools, this adult must be a staff member. For home schools, it must be a parent, legal guardian, or approved adult designee. All adults must be registered along with students during the registration window. Adults pay the same registration fee as students. Contact us for any clarification. We do not require a certain number of additional chaperones, but you are expected to follow all school field trip policies for your district.


KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. This is a community arts festival. There is a world of great drama out there, and your job is to select outstanding performance material that is appropriate for the setting in which you’ll be performing it. Musical pieces are being performed in a public space, and so they must be family friendly. All other categories should use material that would be approved for performance on your own school’s stage. Content warnings will be required at the time of registration.


NO GLITTER, NO WEAPONS, NO MESSES. There can be no weapons (real or fake) at the event. Do not bring glitter or other messy substances (paint, confetti, food, liquids, etc.) into our performance space.


RESPECT THE VENUE. Be courteous to everyone; support our food vendors; stay out of unauthorized areas; clean up after yourself and others.


INDIVIDUAL INVOLVEMENT: All students may perform in ALL of the “Exhibition Opportunities” in which their school chooses to participate. Individual high school seniors may participate in ONE of the “Scholarship Opportunities.” Individual students may participate in up to THREE unique “Performance Opportunities” offered at the festival.




The Festival costs $40 per person during the registration window.


Festival Passes will be available at the Festival itself for $60, so it would be wise to plan your group’s attendance early to save money.


Additional fees for Mainstage Play tickets will be negotiated with the host schools for those events. Refunds will only be provided if the Festival has to be cancelled.